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DMH Solutions specialises in producing software for sale to Financial, internal audit and risk management departments. 

Secure solutions for a more secure


Result charts
Secure systems
Cloud computing


LCRS, the Local Council Risk System, has been developed specifically to assist Councils identify and evaluate risk.


Server based Audit actions register software and audit planning tool.

CASA server option


CASA is a bottom-up Internet/intranet control self-assessment server software. CASA enables any number of controls to be set up and structured to allow any organisation to perform regular control reviews. 


User self training software.

Mobile system written

FileMaker custom systems

We develop business solutions based on over 30 years financial and audit system experience.  Our developed systems can run on Servers, PC's, laptops, tablets, iPad, smart phones  and iPhones


Historical archiving system.


Multi company Corporate Governance System server software comprising:

Audit committee packs including data consolidation and multi-level reporting.

Related Party declarations.

Management representation letters.

Cybersecurity management review and audit control systems.

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